The Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, Inc. (BPD) maintains an E-mail List (BPD-L) with almost 1,500 participants.  The list includes BSW directors, faculty, administrators, publishers, researchers, doctoral students, and many others. Membership is open to anyone interested in promoting quality BSW education.  BPD membership is not required.

The objective of the list is to promote the mission of the association and to help facilitate quality baccalaureate social work education through mutual consultation, sharing resources and the sharing of ideas.

Joining or Leaving the BPD-L E-mail List

Suggestions for Managing your BPD-L E-mail List Subscription

How to Post to the BPD-L E-mail List

Rules for Posting to the BPD-L E-mail List

Replying to a Message Posted to the BPD-L E-mail List

Copyright Ownership

Authority Notice

Research Use

List Access

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Joining or Leaving the BPD-L E-mail List 

While the BPD-L E-mail list is open, enrollment is managed by Dr. Marshall L. Smith. To join, send an E-mail directly to:

as follows:

  • If your E-mail is normally set to “HTML”, change it to “text-only” (List management software is older technology which only recognizes text and cannot process the formatting settings of HTML.)
  • Turn off or delete any default signature you normally append to your E-mail messages (IULIST software will attempt to interpret it as a command and ultimately reject your subscription request.)
  • Leave the Subject field blank.
  • In the body of your message type the command:

Subscribe bpd-l Yourfirstname Yourlastname

where "yourfirstname" is your real first name, and "yourlastname" is your real last name, and where “bpd-l” is “BPD-L”, not “BPD-1”.

  • You may receive a request for confirmation back from the IULIST software. Either go to the URL in that message to confirm  your subscription, or simply reply with the word "ok" (without the quotes) at the top of the body of your message.
  • If you have any problem, you can E-mail Marshall Smith at


Since the list is provided through the auspices of the Indiana University School of Social Work, all conditions and rules under enforcement from Indiana University must be obeyed.

  • Once enrolled, you will receive an automated enrollment notification.
  • If you want your E-mail from the list suspended or deleted, send an E-mail directly to:mailto:
  • Leave the Subject field blank.
  • In the body of your message type the command:

Signoff bpd-l

  • You will receive a request for confirmation back from the IULIST software. Either go to the URL in that message to confirm  your subscription change, or simply reply with the word "ok" (without the quotes) at the top of the body of your message.
  • If you have any problem, you can E-mail Marshall Smith at

Suggestions for Managing your E-mail Subscription

Occasionally, subscribers’ E-mail accounts “misfire” or run into problems receiving messages. When this happens, the following procedures apply:


  1. The first time a subscriber’s address rejects a list message, it is noted.
  2. The second time a subscriber’s address rejects a message, a message will be generated to that person if it involves something s/he can do to resolve the problem (e.g., consult with the local tech support team, resolve an issue with multiple forwarding between addresses, etc.).
  3. The third time a subscriber’s address rejects a message, it will be deleted without a personal message (just the one generated by the IULIST software).
  4. The only exception to the above is if a subscriber’s address rejects a list message because of “Inbox Full”, It will be deleted immediately because this can go on for an indefinite time before the subscriber often resolves the problem. In the meantime, none of the list messages are getting through to him/her anyway and a full Inbox always means that one misses important messages and has to backtrack with correspondents to catch up. The BPD-L list is no exception and it will save everyone a lot of extra work which is actually the responsibility of the subscriber in the first place.


How To Post to the List
The E-mail address to use is

(IMPORTANT: Your university technical support people often make changes in email addresses without your being aware of them.  This usually happens over breaks, summers, or when traffic is light.  As a result, if your address is changed, even slightly, you may be able to read postings but not be able to post.  If you encounter this kind of problem E-mail Marshall Smith with your new changed address.)


Rules for posting to the list

The list is not moderated or edited, and members are free to circulate and share ideas on any issue related to social work education with the following provisos: 

  • Libelous remarks towards a specific person, program, institution, diverse group, or population at risk will not be tolerated. 
  • The list may be used to circulate information about programs except for reaffirmation announcements.  Programs that receive first-time accreditation may announce this once to the list.  (And receive our congratulations!) 
  • Academic positions for social work programs or direct line administrators for them may be posted to the list once only per position.  (e.g. a regular faculty position or a department chair for a combined program may be posted, either in full or as an attachment.)
  • Authors of new materials and media relevant for social work education may post announcements for these products or services once.  In fact, we WANT you to do this, so don't feel bashful! This includes books, but please do not post journal articles.
  • A subscriber is permitted to post an announcement that s/he is running for an office or board position in BPD or related professional social work association. Such postings should be informational - e.g., “I'm running and here is my platform statement”, as opposed to campaigning. So saying please vote in the election is OK but saying “Vote for me” shouldn't be there. A candidate may post her/his announcement/platform statement once.


Replying to a message posted to the BPD-L List

  • The BPD-L List is, technically, NOT a discussion list. The list is configured as a "Reply-to-sender" list, NOT as a "reply-to-all" list, which means that the normally expected response to someone's post is to that person directly (i.e., "off list). However, we all recognize that there are important topics which affect us all, or at least should affect us all, which may demand a "reply-to-all" response occasionally. It needs to be recognized that in spite of the passion one feels as an individual about any one topic, it may simply not be shared by everyone else, perhaps not even the majority of subscribers. They may not feel motivated to post their views because the BPD-L List is not conceived as a discussion list. So, any otherwise legitimate motivation like "widening the discussion" is not relevant to the purpose of this list which is a "reply-to-sender" list with LIMITED forays into discussions when the opportunity and collective consciousness of the list permits.
  • If a subscriber posts a request for a copy of something (e.g., a policy statement, a syllabus, a URL, etc.) it is not helpful for other subscribers to post “Me too” requests to the entire list. It is better to communicate directly with the original poster and ask to see copies of anything the original poster receives.
  • If a subscriber posts something that is more of a “seeking opinion” type of request, then it is appropriate for a short time period to engage in a “reply to the list” discussion (even though this list is not technically a “discussion list”). So, in this case it is acceptable to “Reply to List” rather than the usual “Reply to Sender” norm. Please remember, as we mostly seem pretty good at, to not drag a discussion out too long as some subscribers prefer that we not become too verbose. That having been said, the BPD-L List would never want to discourage a good respectful, even heated, discussion of some important issue affecting all of us.
  • In short, use your best judgment.

Violation of any of these rules may result in temporary or permanent removal from the list.


Copyright Ownership

All postings to the BPD-L E-mail List become the property of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, Inc., and may be used in whole or in part to further the mission of the organization.  For example, people often post information about instructional resources.  The BPD website may use these postings and organize them into a resource page.  The purpose of this is to capture the practice wisdom and other resources the list generates. 


Authority notice

The list is technically owned by Dr. Marshall Smith as representative of the Indiana University School of Social Work, the host institution, and BPD. Contents and the right to monitor them are extended to the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, Inc. Ultimate responsibility for this website is vested in the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of BPD or their designates.


Research use

Use of the list as data: Colleagues conducting research concerning social work education are permitted to use the contents of the list towards academic purposes provided their efforts conform to their institution’s human subjects review/institutional review board processes and policies.  For example, a doctoral student using excerpts from the list as data may do so if she or he has clearance from his or her own institution.

Use of the list for gathering data: Members may post questions or surveys provided the solicited information directly relates to the advancement of social work education knowledge.  In so doing, members are expected to post summative results available to the list. 

To post calls for research, your message to the list must contain ALL of the following information:
- Description of research project/call
- Name and contact information for the principal investigator
- Name and contact information for any faculty advisor, if a student
- IRB body approving the research, complete with the IRB Protocol Number
- Name and contact information for someone on the Institute Review Board who is familiar with the details of the research project

List access

Access to the list of subscribers is privately conserved.  Lists of the actual names of subscribers, their E-mail addresses, and/or their log records are not made publicly available and will not be released to any third party without explicit order from a relevant court of law by subpoena.  The list may, however, be used by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors or their designees to further the mission of the organization.


BPD-L Archives

All posts to the BPD-L list have been archived since February 10, 2004. (Actually, archives exist for the earlier period when the list was hosted by Rochester Institute of Technology, but these archives are not online currently.)

 The easiest way to access the BPD-L archives is as follows:

  • Open a web browser and go to the IULIST Web interface:
  • Click the Login link in the top right-hand corner.
  • Enter the email address from which you are subscribed into the "Email Address:" field and your IULIST password in the "Password" field.  Then click the Log In button. (NOTE: Click the "get a new password" link to create a new password if needed.)  The password confirmation email should be forwarded to the account that you regularly use. Once you have confirmed the new password, repeat these three steps.
  • Click the "Manage Your Subscriptions" then click the desired list name, and finally the Archives link to access the archives.


Detailed IULIST Software Reference

For more information on using IULIST, please explore the “Subscriber Options” set of menu options.


Revised: 20 Jul 2012